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Drop Block - Premium

开发 BulkyPix

*Premium version of Drop Block removes all ads.*Created from the basic idea that games should be fun, simple, and have meaning; Drop Block is a very different take on the classic mobile gaming experience. Everything from the art style, the music, to the way you play the game has been extensively thought out and beautifully implemented into the world of Drop Block.
Drop Block is an addictive mobile game that immerses you into a world where everything has been reduced to basic geometric shapes. You are a block, attempting to navigate through a never ending, randomized maze all the while striving to beat your and others high scores.
In Drop Block, failure is not the end, but rather an intrinsic attribute in this experience. Learn from your mistakes, and carry onward. In this game, you are rewarded for trying again and starting over, not penalized.
Customize your block with over 20 different unlockable colors. Be unique, and never give up. Most of all enjoy your time playing Drop Block.